The Young Veins - April 6th 2010

This may be an understatement but — I miss live music. Since my teen years, shows have been one of the few things to keep me going even when I felt completely hopeless. Everything would always be okay as long as I could make it to the next show. Through this period of pandemic pause, I’ve found myself frequently reminiscing about past shows, and decided that I wanted to compile a complete list of the shows I’ve attended and covered over the last decade. I thought it was only right to take that journey with all of you, and hopefully be able to highlight some photos and artists that I’ve never shared before — starting here with The Young Veins at Mohawk Place in Buffalo, NY.

At the time, as a 21-year-old still thoroughly invested in their emo phase, I knew The Young Veins as “That Band With Those Guys From Panic at the Disco,” and therefore had to see them play.  I armed myself with a newly-purchased Nikon D60 with the simple intent of capturing my own memories.  The camera I had bought for another fairly simple reason – I liked to take pictures, but I didn’t know how make them look “good.”  I thought a DSLR would do that work for me.  Obviously, as even beginner-level photogs know, that is not the case.  But I was young, with a decent piece of equipment in my hands for the first time in my life.  I pointed, I shot.  I never intended to really do anything with the pictures beyond posting them on Facebook and saying, “Hey, look at this place I went, look at these semi-famous people I saw!”  It was a process I knew well, from my high school days of rambling LiveJournal entries and even lower quality photos.  I just wanted to always remember.

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